Ettusais Beauty Diary: Rock that pink eye look

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Recently i got to try out some eyeshadows
from the Ettusais Eye Colour C range,
The Eye Colour C range is packed with shimmer
and fine glitter which creates a softer finish.

You can blend it with the other matte eyeshadow
if you don't like your eye look to be too shimmery!

Did a pink eyeshadow look today with these colours:


Eye Colour C: BE1, BR4, RD1

Line Colour: BR3

Ettusais has these empty eyeshadow compact cases,
So you cans customized your own eyeshadow palettes!



Some of my Ettusais eyeshadow!


1) Apply BR4 (Champagne gold) at the inner corner of the eye.

2) Apply RD1(Pink) at the outer corner of the eye

3) Apply BR3(Dark brown) at the crease and BLEND!

4) Highlight your brow bone with BE1(Light beige),
inner lower corner of the eye.



Pink X Brown eye shadow! Love how soft it looks,
When you've red eyes avoid using pink/red/orange eyeshadows
because it would intensify the redness in your eyes!

Pink eyeshadow is a very wearable colour!
Just pair it with a darker shade like dark brown, plum or black.


IMG_1902 2

LOL this is how my dressing table looks like after doing my makeup!

OH YES, And i'm giving away 3 MAKEOVER SESSIONS
with my favourite Ettusais makeup-artist , Shiya.
Who did my makeup for the Cleo shoot afew months back.


Simply suggest what sort of tutorials you would like
to see on theluckiestchick.blogspot to win these free makeovers!!!
Easy right? (:

Drop me a mail @
to win the free makeovers with Ettusais!

Advertorial: Barbie Lenses

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Sponsered Advertorial:

I've had some bad experience when i purchase geo lenses
from a contact lenses blogshop earlier this year,
it caused me to have an eye infection,
and there's like a small bump on my eyelid even until now!

Recently there's so many complains towards that blogshop,
everyone is having problems after wearing her lenses,
so i'm convinced the seller is either selling fake lenses,
or they're an expired batch or whatever!
But no matter what it's a horrible experience!

So after that i'm really cautious when i purchase my contact lenses
i emailed Barbie Shoppu regarding the authenticity of the geo lenses
that she's selling and she assured me that it's 100% authentic
cos they only purchase directly from GEO21eyes,
which is the official geo seller web.

So i went online and did some research on how to check for fake lenses.
Barbie Shoppe lovingly sponsered me 3 lovely pairs of lenses
checked it immediately! :3


Geo21eyes has this new anti-forgery checking system,
just key in the 20-code no. to check if it's a fake lenses or not!


Click this link below to check the authenticity of your geo lenses!


Remember to check for the expired date as well~
Mine is expiring in 2013, so i'm safe!

These are the three pairs i chose:


EOS Flower Series - Pink (1st time trying out pink lenses! :3)
GEO Angel Colour - BC102
EOS Candy Series - Brown

Below are some of the pictures of the lenses when worn,
photo taken with flash/without flash!

This is my eye before wearing any lenses,


What is my eye wearing:

Ettusais Liquid Eyeliner
Majorlica majorca Mascara-Base
Ettusais Perfect Multi Mascara
Ettusais brow pencil in Yellow-Brown

EOS Candy Series - Brown (14.5mm- HUGE!)

Without flash

With flash

Have been seeing the models on Popteen
wearing this EOS Candy colour series.
It's really opaque but it looks more natural IRL!
Very pretty design~

Click to see the rest of the: EOS Candy Series

EOS Flower Series - Pink (14.0mm)


Love the pink lenses!!!
Shall do a pink eye shadow tutorial to
complement this pair of lenses in the future! (:

I wanna try the "Super Nudy Pink Lenses" next time!
Click to see the rest of the: EOS Flower Series

GEO Angel Colour - BC102


This must be my favourite pair of lens!
Super natural, good for any normal day
when you don't want your eye colour to "POP" so much!

Wore this lenses when i'm out to watch Toy Story 3 Today,
As usual pixar doesn't disappoints!
Awesome movie, mad funny! :3


Click to see the rest of the: GEO AngelColour Series

Remember to cleanse your contact lenses before you wear them
and give them a little rub when cleaning the lenses after removal!
Good hygiene is SOOO important for contact lenses
Really scared after getting an infection already,
so nowadays i cleanse my lenses etc VERY seriously!

Barbie Shoppe is having the GSS along with the whole of Singapore!
Everywhere is go it's sale sale sale~

Awesome! Currently the promo price is:
GEO Lenses @ $15/pair
EOS Lenses @ $23/pair

Buy 5 pairs & 1 pair would be absolutely FREE! (:
Share the order with your friends to enjoy the discount~

Grizzly bear, kang xi lai le

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I want a sleeping grizzly pleeeeeeeeease!

bean bag

it's actually a beanbag! Mad cuuuuuuuute!

bean bag2

Must watch this episode of 康熙來了
actor/actresses talking about their ghost encounters IRL!
Really scared me shitless when i was watching it with boyf!

watch the rest of the episode here: 康熙來了 Ep. 2

EGP 's new preorder collection is finally uuuuuup!
Just bought a shocking pink romper, it's SO cute.



Earl Grey

It's one of my favourite places to shop,
EGP is always stocked with clothes imported from Korea, Taiwan.. etc!

So when i'm looking for unique fashionable pieces
that i saw from VIVI mag, i'll check out EGP,
just to see if they have any similar styles
and they NEVER disappoints me!

Especially their footwear collection.
Omg, unique & comfy, the affordable price is really a bonus!


haha, i'm soooo tanned after my tioman trip!
(i know i know, blogging about it SOON!)

Show you some of the pictures of the 4 pairs of heels i got from them!

This resort style ribbon wedges is my FAVOURITE!
It's just SO adorable & comfy.





LOVE THEM ALL! So hard to choose my favourite.
Especially the wedges, it's so comfy for everything,
day out with the girls shopping, partying, etc!

Other than heels, they sponsered me some tops, jacket too!
One of them is this Nautical style ribbon top!
Mad cute and easy to match with a simple bottom.


And afew months ago when these
Boatneck Nautical Stripe tops were really hot.

all the models in vivi magazine were wearing this style.
i noticed EGP brought it in almost immediately!

So efficient!

Oh btw, they now accept payments by paypal & debit cards as well.
Like who wouldn't have debit cards nowadays right!!!
Mad SIMPLE and so not ley chey like last time,
still gotta go bank transfer the blogshop, waste time!

My favourite method is using paypal, simple few clicks to pay.
Go sign up for a paypal account if you have any debit/credits cards!
Seriously, makes my life SOOOO much easier.

So how to you make your purchases?

1) Click "Add to card" for the item you like.

2) Add as many items as you waaaaaant!
Shopped enough? Click Checkout..

3) Fill in your mailing address etc.

4) Choose to make payment by Paypay, debit/credit cards, bank transfer!
and just reivew your order.. and wait for the mailman
to come knocking on your door delivering your beautiful new LOOOOOOTS!

Muahahah, i'm on their twitter, mailing list, facebook
so i get notified first hand whenever EGP updates!

Thanks baby for taking the photos for me!

EGP is giving out the Limited Edition Majolica Majorca
Pink Enamel Glamour Volume On Mascara to the highest spender this week (!!)
The romantic mascara is baby pink with purple mascara color which will is black
in color with a hint of purple only under bright sunshine! Absolutely romantic to own one!

Simply shop in our latest collection and the mascara will belong
to the highest spender!

Earl Grey Party is offering a 10% discount for GSS for the entire june!
Discount code to enter during checkout: "GSS2010"
Shop more girls! :3

Out partying with my babes!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

UGH, Stayed up till 5am to bid on a Baby Phat Romper
i liked on eBay but got outbid-ed at the very last SECOND!!!!
So pissed off! so sian until i couldn't sleep till around 7am.

Went shopping with Min last friday,
sweetie bought a mini Mr. Rilakuma for me when she was out shopping!
AWWWWW! So sweet, love you babe!!! :3


Shop shop shoppppp.

Bought a halter dress & floral toga dress from F21,
f21 also got 10% saleeeeee, yay.

La Senza had 10% + another 10% discount for members on top of sale prices!
Whoohoooo! MAD CHEAP!

Bought a Cache sequin ribbon X Natical stripes totebag,
MAD CUTE! I think i saw this bag on ViVi magazine before.


Went over to House Dempsey to meet my ex colleagues,
So nice seeing everyone again, yay! :3
We're going genting + KL next month tgt afew days after my birthday!

Ade, haven't seen her for AGES!

Afew of my favourites when i'm dining @ Barracks at House Dempsey
  • Truffle fries
  • Ahi Taki Sandwich
  • Squid Ink Paella
  • Thai Beef Salad
  • 1-metre long sausage

Yay, we all had a round of hoegarden, my favourite beer!




Whoohoo, going over to Clarke Quey for 2nd round!

hahahas, it was pretty hard to get a cab at dempsey,
finally got one and we had like 5 people and the uncle
obviously wouldn't fetch us if he knows there's 5 of us!

Evil us was busy camwhoring..


WTF!!! She jumped in there on her own alright!
Or maybe jasmine stuffed her there, idk.

That crazy ade was damn high already and she keeps doing stupid things!


Don't care.. continue to camwhore..


Since she seemed pretty happy huh! HAHAHAH


@ Zircaaaaaaaa~
IT WAS MAD FUN! Oh wells it's always fun when i'm out with them.




Lol, melinda the pervert!

my legs has these really weird tan lines btw,
my lower thigh is darker than my upper thigh
cos i was wear a shortie wet suit during diving
so it only covered half my thigh. wtf








it was really really weird i didnt get drunk that night!
normally after 2 beers.. my head will be going
dowwwwwn down down on the table already.

I had at least, 5-6 beers that night and i was only tipsy. wtf.
waste of alcohol. hahahaha

Just kidding.





OH YAH! i almost.. ALMOST lost my $300 skagen watch outside Zirca,
thank gooooood for the bouncer who passed it back to me,
didnt even realise it was gone!!!

I would bawl my eyes out if i lost it.